The U.S. healthcare industry has begun a major transformation and the ACA is only part of the reason for it. Pressure caused by decades of runaway spending growth has resulted in health plans with much higher patient deductibles and coinsurance. With more "skin in the game" today, patients are increasingly seeking to understand both the quality they can expect and the price they will pay before making healthcare decisions.

This healthcare "consumerism" means patients are increasingly and carefully shopping around for their healthcare and are expecting transparency in both pricing and quality data. Providers that respond positively and deliver high value - quality of outcomes per dollar spent - will be rewarded over the long term.

As a results-driven ally of our clients, HPA's teams deliver systematic reductions in waste--both hard costs and revenue cycle losses. We take responsibility for delivering measurable financial performance improvements, enabling our clients to become more efficient while remaining focused on clinical quality and patient satisfaction. 

Performance is about talent. We bring together innovative, results-oriented professional services firms to achieve substantial, measurable breakthroughs in financial performance for healthcare organizations. With exceptional people and diverse ideas from business, engineering, and applied mathematics, we deliver recurring cost savings and net revenue gains to health systems, insurers and large physician practices.

Our clients can avoid the risks of fixed fee contracts. Unlike large management consulting firms, which normally require a fixed retainer and focus on delivering advice and recommendations, our emphasis is on implementation and follow-through. Clients have the flexibility to pay only for the measured results we deliver, avoiding financial risk. 

Measurement methods are transparent and fees are paid after results are achieved and measured. This means the cash flow impact on the client is immediately favorable. 


HPA’s Revenue Analytics group has combined decades of experience in hospital reimbursement with deep knowledge in applied mathematics to build a unique and powerful analytics engine. Data-driven improvements in pricing and charge capture can make a meaningful impact on net patient revenue. 

The Surgical First Assistant program offsets the cost of surgical first assistants while improving surgeon satisfaction and operating room efficiency, benefiting the hospital, the surgeons and patients.


Vendor spending comprises nearly 50% of the total operating expense in many organizations, representing a large opportunity for cost reduction with no impact on patient care. Our strategic sourcing team has worked with hospitals, insurers, and others in the industry to develop and implement supplier cost reduction goals since 1992. 

Our Energy group uses non capital-based engineering methods to reduce energy waste and its costs 10-30% while improving air quality and equipment life. 



Forward-looking leaders are taking decisive action now to drive down costs and maximize revenues in preparation for what many analysts expect to be a long period of rising financial pressure and payment reforms. Recent guidance from HFMA is to "adapt to profiting at Medicare reimbursement rates"...

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